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Freelance Web Designer in Liverpool

Abigail Sinclair is an experienced web designer located in Liverpool, who designs and builds custom responsive WordPress themes for businesses across the UK.

Mobile websites
Responsive websites
SEO & Content Writing
Custom website design

Website Design

It’s important that your website works well for your business, which is why each website I design is made with usability and ROI in mind. Not only do my designs look good, but they work well to help convert your audience into  paying customers.

Whether you need a brand new design or just a few tweaks to your existing website, I can help you create something special.

WordPress CMS

The majority of the sites I build run on WordPress, which enables you to take control of your website content and continue to keep the site updated long after the my work is complete.

Although the initial investment is larger for a content managed website, the control you gain in the long run is invaluable. Training on the WordPress system also comes as standard for each project.

Responsive Design

If your website doesn’t work on mobile and tablet devices, you’re guaranteed to be losing potential customers the minute they visit your homepage.

Every website needs to be built with multiple devices in mind in order to keep your information accessible to your target audience, whether they’re looking you up on the go or browsing casually using their iPad at home.

Search Engine Optimisation

My experience working with a team of SEO experts over the past few years has provided me with the skills to give your website the best chance of being picked up by search engines on launch.

While I’m no expert in SEO, I build every website to be ready for your SEO team to start their work. If you don’t have anyone working on SEO for you, I can also recommend some excellent people for that.

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Tiverton Pannier Market
Website design

Tiverton Pannier Market is located in the centre of the historic town of Tiverton. As part of ongoing efforts to improve trade at the market, Mid Devon District Council wanted a new website to provide more comprehensive information on market traders and events.

For this project I was approached by Jumoo who have worked with the council previously on their Umbraco system. I designed the front-end of the website and provided some basic HTML code, which was then developed into a fully integrated Umbraco site by Jumoo.

Screenshots of the Tiverton Pannier Market website design by Abigail Sinclair

McKay Gardens
Website design, custom WordPress theme

McKay Gardens are a small company offering garden services to customers across the Wirral.

They approached me for the design and development of a simple WordPress website which would allow them to showcase the services they offer and some previous work.

Launch June 2017
McKay Gardens website design by Abigail Sinclair

Things by us
Website design, custom WordPress theme

Things by us is my own personal online shop which I run with my partner. The site makes the products which we sell at print and craft fairs available to people who live much further away.

The website is purposely designed to be minimal to allow the products to stand out on their own and make it easy for customers to place orders.

Built on WordPress, the Things by us website uses Woocommerce and custom fields for product data so that both of us can edit products without needing to know code.

Launch Date January 2015
Things by us website design by Abigail Sinclair

Chester Charity Beer Festival
Website build

Chester Charity Beer Festival is an event held annually in Chester to raise money for charities such as Claire House and MS Society.

For this project I worked with graphic designer Neil Martin who has been working with the festival for a number of years on the branding and design elements. Neil had redesigned the website for this year to bring it more up to date and make sure that mobile users could access the content mre easily.

The website was built for longevity using custom fields which allow the festival team to easily update the content for future beer festival events.

Launch March 2017
Chester Beer Festival website development by Abigail Sinclair

London Cleaners
Website Design

This design was something I created a few years back for a UK based cleaning company. The project ended before the website went live, but it’s still a design I’m pleased with.

The colourful design is based on the company’s branding and is intended to communicate the friendly approach their customers have come to know them for.

If you’d like something similar to this design please do contact me and we can have a chat about what you’re looking to build.

Professional Cleaners website design by Abigail Sinclair

Kirkland Minoxidil
Website design, Storefront Theme

This website uses a custom WordPress theme based on Storefront by WooCommerce. The design is clean and minimal, enabling customers to find the products they need without getting distracted by design elements.

As Minoxidil is a product designed for hair loss which can be a uncomfortable topic, photographic imagery was kept to a minimum and instead benefits and USPs are highlighted with simple icons.

Launch May 2017
Screenshots of the Kirkland Minoxidil website design by Abigail Sinclair

Liverpool Print Fair
Website build

Liverpool Print Fair is an event run by The Print Social which showcases people who choose to use hands-on print methods such as screen printing.

On this project I worked with graphic designer Mark Adamson to build a WordPress theme based on his design and branding.

The site features custom fields to allow any of The Print Social team to update the website with new sellers. I also built in functionality for allowing people to apply for spaces at the fair using custom forms.

Launch August 2016
Liverpool Print Fair website development by Abigail Sinclair

The Print Social
Website design, custom WordPress theme

The Print Social is a Liverpool based group of creative people who meet regularly to organise events and grow the Liverpool creative community.

Over the past few years The Print Social website has grown and evolved from a simple blog on the WordPress platform. The latest design is still in development and will encompass more about the events run by the group such as the Liverpool Print Fair.

Launch April 2015
The Print Social website design by Abigail Sinclair

Daniel Sarath
Website design, custom WordPress theme

Daniel Sarath is a freelance copywriter who writes for a number of companies and needed a website to showcase his writing work.

Daniel asked me to design a custom there for him with a specific look and feel in mind which he couldn’t find in off-the-shelf WordPress themes.

The website Daniel to control all of his content, write new blog posts and also build layouts for landing pages based on some predefined row designs which I have created for him.

Daniel Sarath website design by Abigail Sinclair

The Sweet Office
Website design, custom WordPress theme

The Sweet Office is a small family owned sweet shop located in the Prescot Post Office which sells a variety of sweets and gifts.

This website was built on the WooCommerce platform to provide The Sweet Office with an alternative to selling on Amazon’s marketplace.

I worked with The Sweet Office and designed a bright and colourful website based on their ideas which is simple to use and easy for them to update without my input.

Launch February 2017
The Sweet Office website design by Abigail Sinclair
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Why Hire a Freelance Web Designer?

There are many benefits to hiring a freelance web designer over a larger studio, with lower rates being one of those benefits. Big teams need big budgets and some of those team members do little to contribute to the actual website design or development.

Before deciding to go freelance I worked for a web design studio in Liverpool for seven years. Although there were a number of people on the design team, very few projects involved more than two or three people from start to finish and often only one of those was actually working on the website. If you work with a freelancer you remove the need for any middle man or admin staff, which in turn will streamline the design process and website development.

Priorities, Skill Level and Turnaround

Another thing to consider when looking for someone to work with is how your website gets prioritised. While big web design agencies are quite impressive on the outside, the success of the website comes down to the quality of the designer who is assigned to work with you.

Every web design agency has a team made up of junior to senior level designers, which means your website could be made by someone with only a few months experience. When you work with a freelancer such as myself, you know exactly what the skill level of your web designer is just by looking at their portfolio. There’s also no risk in being assigned to a junior designer.

I have been designing and developing websites for over ten years now, seven of which were spent in an agency as the lead web designer. Every project I take on gets my full attention until the job is done and I won’t take on work which is beyond my capabilities. If you’d like to work with me, please get in touch and we’ll go from there!