Gracious Therapy

Gracious Therapy is a small practice based in Liverpool offering one-to-one online counselling for people struggling with their mental health.

Although Naomi is a Christian counsellor, it’s important that visitors to the website don’t feel alienated for having different beliefs. Using the shapes and colours from the Gracious Therapy branding, I designed a website which is calming and neutral so that people of any religion, gender or background can feel welcomed and included when visiting the website.
Delight Mapasure's Website by Abigail Sinclair

Delight Mapasure

Delight Mapasure is an inspiring serial entrepreneur with an impressive and growing list of awards for her achievements in business.

The original brief for this project was to create a website where Delight could tell her story, but the project evolved as she won more awards, booked more public speaking and began coaching other entrepreneurs.

I worked closely with Delight to write her content so that we could make sure her story was told well, as well as communicate the services she offers and celebrate her achievements.
Super Tutoring Website by Abigail Sinclair

Super Tutoring

Super Tutoring is an independent online tutoring service for children preparing for the 11 plus exams. Originally based in Manchester, the company needed to pivot to online tuition in early 2020 due to the global pandemic and nationwide lockdown.

This website features a custom design and WordPress theme, as well as Woocommerce integration for booking appraisals and summer schools.

During the project I also created brand new content for Super Tutoring which would explain how their lessons would work going forward.
Liverpool Print Fair - Website by Abigail Sinclair

Liverpool Print Fair

Liverpool Print Fair is an event which brings independent artists from across the UK together to sell their prints and handmade products.

On this project I worked with graphic designer Mark Adamson to build a WordPress theme based on his design and branding. The site features custom fields which allow our team to update the website with new sellers, as well as functionality for allowing people to apply for spaces at the fair using custom forms.

The website was updated in 2019 with a more user-friendly application process, and again in 2022 with a fresh look.
Heelz and Toez Shopify theme by Abigail Sinclair

Heelz and Toez

Heelz and Toez are the creators of a children’s shoe made entirely from sustainable materials, as featured on Dragon’s Den.

On larger projects like this I work in a team with my partner Mark as Yes Please.

We designed and built a bespoke Shopify theme, with custom illustrations and original website copy. This was a really fun project for us as we got to flex our creative muscles and design another website that would appeal to children and parents alike.
Dan Rich's Website by Abigail Sinclair

Dan Rich

Dan is a Liverpool based SEO consultant and online publisher who has a portfolio of successful sites. He uses his personal website to blog about SEO and provide tips and tools for people looking to improve their search engine rankings.

Dan wanted to improve the look and feel of his website in order to make his calls to action more prominent, as well as making the site more engaging overall.

The website was already full of great content, so my role was to break this down visually with suitable icons and images, creating a layout that’s easy to follow.
Motor Museum website design by Abigail Sinclair

The Motor Museum

The Motor Museum is a recording studio run by producer Al Groves which is located off Liverpool’s Lark Lane.

I worked closely with Al to design something which matched the vision he has for his site, showcasing the iconic studio and its beautiful interior.

The site is built with WordPress which allows Al to change all of the content himself and have control over the layout of pages in a simple user-friendly way.
Better Beginnings WordPress theme by Abigail Sinclair

Better Beginnings

Better Beginnings is the private therapy practice of clinical psychologist, Dr. Miriam Inder. This is another project for which I worked in a team with my partner Mark as Yes Please.

Miriam provides specialist therapy to people going through difficult experiences surrounding pregnancy. She worked with us to rebrand her practice and produce a new website.

Perinatal psychology is a very sensitive subject, which is why we needed to take a lot of care when designing for Better Beginnings.
Dark Coffee Website by Abigail Sinclair

Dark Coffee

Dark Coffee deliver mental health, wellbeing and personal development training to help people feel more badass in business.

I worked closely with Alice Lyons to design a site which talks about mental health honestly and openly, without any of the cutesy or combative language which often gets used during discussions around mental health.

Built on WordPress, the site uses a bespoke theme which give Alice the flexibility to adjust her content as she needs to without the weight and complexity of page builders.
Black Angel 25 Website design by Abigail Sinclair

Black Angel 25

Black Angel was a pioneering club night in Manchester in the late 1990s, which was founded by Claud Cunningham and Paula Gannon-Lewis.

Claud approached me to design a website for their new project, Black Angel 25, which is a documentary about the history of the club night and their experiences of the LGBT+ scene in Manchester in the 90s.

I had previously worked with Claud on her Super Tutoring website, so it was great to have the opportunity to work with her again on a completely different project. It was important that this website design and its content was true to the spirit of the club night, which provided a welcoming and safe space for black and asian lesbians throughout the early 00s.

EmYasa Yoga

EmYasa Yoga offered yoga classes in Chester for a range of experience levels, from beginner to expert.

For this project I worked with graphic designer Mark Adamson to create a new brand and website for EmYasa Yoga. I built a custom WordPress theme based on Mark’s design, which is integrated with the MomoYoga plugin to add class booking capabilities.

Sadly EmYasa Yoga closed their doors because of the many lockdowns during the pandemic.

Happy Teeth Education

Happy Teeth Education is an online platform providing schools and dental professionals with complete dental health education resources. The platform is built using WordPress and uses the Memberpress and Woocommerce plugins to create a subscription based services to deliver educational resources.

For this project I also created custom illustrations to be used on the public facing areas of the website, alongside a selection of illustrations from the George and the Happy Tooth book.

This was a really fun project to work on as I was able to create something fun and colourful for a young audience. I also created the copy for key sections of the site.

Things By Us

Things By Us is my own personal online shop which I run with my partner. The site makes the products which we sell at print and craft fairs available to people who live much further away.

The website is purposely designed to be minimal to allow the products to stand out on their own and make it easy for customers to place orders. Built on WordPress, the Things by us website uses Woocommerce and custom fields for product data so that both of us can edit products without needing to know code.

Molten Bronze

Molten Bronze is owned by sculptor and artist Dave W Chapman, who runs workshops in Wales where you can learn to cast your very own bronze sword.

Dave’s previous website was a few years old and needed a complete redesign, while still keeping a similar look and feel to match his brand.
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I have over 13 years experience designing and building websites. Since 2017 I have been a freelance web designer, WordPress and Shopify theme developer. I work directly with small business owners and for design and marketing agencies in Liverpool, Manchester and across the UK.

I’m a very hard-working, creative and honest person. You can ask any of my previous clients how their website project went and I’m confident they’d tell you how reliable I was throughout the process.

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