Can’t afford to hire a web designer?

This is probably going to seem like an odd post coming from someone who can only afford rent if people pay them to build websites, but sometimes you don’t actually need to hire a professional to get online. Every so often someone will reach out to me to get a quote, only to realise they […]


Why choose WordPress?

With so many different website platforms to choose from, knowing what to build your website on can be overwhelming. Here are a few reasons I choose to work with WordPress and the benefits it brings.

Web Design

How much does a website cost?

When you start looking for a new web designer, there are a few of things you need to consider before you can get an accurate quote.


My triumphant return to the UK

After a long and exciting seven months of travelling around the world, I’ve finally returned to the UK.


Search Engine Optimisation – What is it? 

It can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to SEO, so I thought I’d explain a few basics to get you on the right page.

Web Design

What is responsive web design? 

Chances are you’re already fully aware of responsive web design, but here’s an introduction to it just in case.

Copywriting, SEO

The importance of good content

Good content plays a key role in driving traffic to your website. Great content converts a passive audience into paying customers.