Creative by nature

I consider myself a compulsive maker with fingers in as many creative pies as I can get my hands on. As a freelancer I design websites, build bespoke WordPress themes, and customise Shopify themes. When I’m able to make time for it I design art prints, take photos, draw in my sketchbook, dabble with needlework, and even coordinate a biannual art market called Liverpool Print Fair.

I love making things and I love when I’m able to do it well. The most satisfying work is when I collaborate with other people, especially small business owners, to create something that makes an impact.

The freelance part of my role allows me to carefully select the work I want to take on, which keeps me interested in the websites I design and the projects I develop. I’m not interested in churning out generic crap in order to make money, and I never take on work when I know that I’m not the right designer for the job.

Here’s me at Liverpool Print Fair,
a biannual art market that I organise
Experience & Qualifications

Natural progression

I’ve been building websites for myself since I was in my early teens, so going on to study Multimedia and then New Media was a natural progression. I graduated from Leeds University in 2009 with a BA Hons in New Media, which I haven’t really needed to mention since.

From graduate to senior

After university I spent 7 years working at a web design agency in Liverpool, working my way up from graduate designer to senior level. The web evolved rapidly during those years and has continued to change since, which is why keeping up with tech is a priority for me.

Always learning

You need to constantly learn new technologies and be willing to adapt frequently to stay relevant as a front-end developer. While I won’t learn every possible technology, I stay up to date with the key tools and languages that make the websites I build better.

Freelance life

It was my desire to travel the world which led me to go freelance in 2017. I didn’t build many websites while I was backpacking, and I didn’t do much travelling when we were in lockdown, but the freedom and flexibility of freelance life is what I live for.

Freelance hours allow me to make room for personal projects and take time to improve my skills in between web design jobs, which is necessary to keep up-to-date in this industry.

I also have an unwieldy amount of creative hobbies, which I like to sprinkle in around any gaps in my freelance web work to keep life interesting. When I’m not neck-deep in code, you might find me sewing outfits, cooking, taking photos, drawing, printmaking, or some new thing that I haven’t learned before.

Get In Touch

I’m always happy to discuss projects, big or small. Whether you need a few minor updates, a complete design, a custom WordPress theme, or just advice from a professional, feel free to reach out.