Do I need a website? 

, 2 min read

While it might seem like you’re missing a trick by not having a website, you might be able to get by without one if you’re just starting up.

Not every business needs a website to show off their services, but that doesn’t me you don’t need an online presence at all. It’s an important tool for anyone looking to grow their business and if you can’t be found by new customers, you’re limiting your company’s potential.

If you’re just starting out you may not have the budget for a full website yet, or the content to fill it with. If you don’t know your business in and out it can be a waste of time to put up a website before you know what you’re selling, or if you don’t have an idea of the content you’d want to have on there. An empty website won’t rank very highly on Google for the phrases you’d like to appear for and without traffic your website is useless.

For new businesses, consider a few social media accounts where the right audience can find you to begin with. You could couple this with a simple landing page on the domain you’d like to use which has a few contact details, a small description and maybe a contact form.

You’ll need to consider your target audience when choosing which social networks you sign up to. For instance Facebook is a good all around network, though you will likely need advertising budget to be displayed to enough people. Not everyone needs an Instagram account either as without consistent, high quality images related to your line of work you won’t get many followers.

Don’t forget you’ll need to keep these accounts active with new content regularly, otherwise there’ll be nothing for people to engage with and followers will soon drop off.

Growing your business

Are you past the initial stage of setting up your business? Do you have a specific idea for a website which you feel Facebook or Twitter can’t offer? Have you got a free Wix or Squarespace website you built yourself which doesn’t seem to be doing much of anything? In any of these cases, it’s time you thought about working with a professional web designer.

If you’d like to start the conversation about what kind of site would grow your business, feel free to contact me and I’d be happy to help.